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Charmington Prep
original half hour sitcom

Megan loves her cushy job as a substitute teacher at Charmington Prep. But with the new principal touting budget cuts and classroom visits, Megan's days of dating advice in health class and fake yoga moves in P.E. are numbered. If she wants to keep her job as a glorified babysitter, she’ll have to be the best substitute that ever existed... (or at least pretend to be.)

original half hour sitcom

A group of blue collar sorority girls go through day-to-day shenanigans while attempting to climb the social Greek ladder. 

Bob's Burgers
spec script

Hobbyhorsing Around - Tina gets involved in the international sport of hobbyhorsing, but her imaginary horse Jericho isn't too happy about being left behind. Louise banks on Tina's success by taking over her merchandising.

What We Do in The Shadows
spec script

Nandor's Wife - a mysterious visitor from Nandor's past arrives, claiming she is one of his long lost wives. Guillermo has his suspicions. 

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